Video: Hairdresser Urgently Calls Mom Over, Shows Her Exactly The Cause Of Daughter’s Pain


The video footage below is not suitable for all viewers. If you’re the kind of person who gets squeamish at the sight of tiny creepy crawly bugs and larvae, you’re not going to want to see this clip. Why? Because it is perhaps one of the most disgusting cases of lice ever caught on camera.

But if you think you’re up to the challenge and can stomach the sight, you’re not going to be able to turn away. This clip has gotten so popular online it has been shared and shared and shared across all platforms of social media garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

Watch the video to see the little girl with a terrible case of head lice. You’ll see hundreds of lice crawling along her scalp and in her hair…

When Karla Mendoza, from Mexico, uploaded the clip of her daughter’s head lice infestation to Facebook, she thought just her friends would be interested. But the clip was so bad, it has been shared countless times and gone viral.

You can see the clip of Mendoza’s daughter Aranza being treated for head lice and it is a disgusting video to watch.

Even the hairdresser, who has experience treating these parasites, said it was “the worst case I’ve ever seen.”

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