Do You Think You Have A High IQ? Prove It By Answering Riddle Correctly [Answer]

5 + 4=9

  • The next solution is most challenging of them all, as it requires that you do the following:

Remove the yellow vertical stick from the plus sign and then place it vertically at the lower part of the first four. This will transform the equation into a double equation by showing: 6-1-1=4. Some consider this last solution to the problem as a way of cheating, but all that is required is the movement of the lines so technically, it’s not really cheating.

While some thought that brainteaser was challenging, others confessed how easy they thought it was…

“Easy..clever bit is working out a strategy otherwise there are many sticks to move and many positions to place them into. Strategy is: if you move a stick, the remaining sticks must form a valid digit. Then apply this rule to each digit in turn. You soon discover a stick on the left most digit that can be moved, then just decide where to move it. The fact is, for several digits, it doesn’t matter what stick you move, you are never left with a valid digit.”

  • “It’s hardly rocket science, is it?”
  • “If this is supposed to be hard then I’m a flipping genius.”
  • “Oh come on, I got it in about 1/10 of a second.”

In any event, the teaser is a fun activity to engage in and does require some thinking and strategizing.

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