Sushi Patrons React To Obama Visit (Video)


During President Barack Obama’s annual vacation in his home state of Hawaii, the commander in chief was greeted by a standing ovation when he and his family arrived to dine at a famous Japanese sushi restaurant (video below).  

On Dec. 16, Obama arrived in Hawaii, along with his wife and two daughters, to celebrate their final vacation as America’s first family. The trip has last nearly two weeks, with Obama conducting executive business while also playing a few rounds of golf, ABC News reports. 

On Dec. 27, President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met to officiate a wreath-laying ceremony for the U.S. soldiers killed during the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack.

On Dec. 28, the president’s activities were more recreational, with him spending his morning at the gym followed by a family tour through Shangri La, a Honolulu-based center for Islamic art. That evening, the family had dinner at sushi restaurant Nobu in Honolulu.

Viral video on the scene captured patrons of the Japanese restaurant giving Obama a round of applause as he took his seat. Following routine security measures, Secret Service had to check everyone on the premises, while snipers were stationed on the restaurant’s rooftop, according to TMZ.

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