Soon-To-Be Evicted Family Dog Annoys Mother By Interrupting Shower, Then She Realizes Why


An Ohio couple nearly gave their dog away to another family, and their decision to keep him saved their baby’s life.

Mindi and Ron Wynne adopted Papillon, a 2-year-old collie, from a local pet store. Soon after they brought him home they realized they had a problem on their hands.

“Papillon had developed some habits that we were not particularly fond of,” Ron said, according to Little Things. “He chewed up furniture and he literally ate the couch.”

“He was really becoming a terror, and we thought it might have been jealousy from the baby,” Mindi said.

One afternoon, Mindi was in the shower after putting her 5-week-old daughter, Rachel, down for a nap. Suddenly, Papillon began making a lot of noise.

“The dog started barking, and I didn’t think anything of it because he barked all the time,” Mindi recalled.

She was doing her best to ignore Papillon when he came bursting into the bathroom.

“I believe that animals do communicate with us,” she said. “I used to watch old Lassie TV shows and I figured he was trying to tell me something. I didn’t know what.”

She got out of the shower, and Papillon led her into the room where Rachel was sleeping.

“He ran around in circles to put his paws up on the crib, and when I looked in at Rachel she was blue around her lips,” Mindi said. “I knew something then was very wrong.”

Fortunately, Mindi is a trained medic. She called 911 and immediately got to work administering CPR.

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