Sick Man Collapses At Airport And Is Taken To Hospital; Doctors Shocked By What’s Inside Him


Doctors found something shocking in the body of a Polish man who collapsed at Miami International Airport.

Waldemar Wojtczak, 45, was on a flight from Trinidad, with a layover in Miami, before his final destination of Finland on Sept. 4.

He fell unconscious at the airport and was sent to the hospital where doctors removed half a kilo – over a pound — of cocaine from his stomach.

In spite of the fact that he does not speak English, Wojtczack succeeded in telling a doctor that he had ingested cocaine, reports Miami Herald.

The Polish man remained in an intensive care unit for days with the cocaine still inside him before doctors decided to perform surgery.

The surgeons discovered 53 tiny rubber sacks inside Wojtczak’s belly. The pellets were immediately confiscated by Miami-Dade narcotics detectives, who were present during the entire operation.

Wojtczak nearly died from ingesting the illicit drugs. He has since recuperated and was officially charged on Oct. 17 with cocaine trafficking and the rare state charge of using commercial transport while committing a felony, according to Miami Herald.

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