She Puts A Rescued Abused Dog In Her Car. Now Keep Watching Her Hand.


Most dogs crave attention from their masters, or any human being for that matter. Most dogs get excited when they hear the sound of their owner’s voice. Most dogs just want affection. Most dogs, however, aren’t like Priscilla.

When Priscilla was discovered abused and abandoned, she was terrified of her human rescuers. When they slowly reached out their hands to pet the dog, she cried and screamed frantically, which makes sense seeing as she was battered and abused since her earliest days as a puppy.

But her rescuers refused to give up…

They desperately tried to calm Priscilla and prove to her that not all human beings are as cruel as her previous owners. The result? Well, just look and see for yourself.

Oh, and you might want to grab some tissues — the tears are definitely going to start flowing.