After Posting Photo, Officers Were On An Immediate Manhunt To Find Her And Make Her Pay


Ever since she was little, 22-year-old Charlotte McPherson has considered herself to be an animal lover and an avid horseback rider. But after posting a series of images on social media, this young woman’s cruel and neglectful tendencies started to show.

When this young woman, from the rural outskirts of Birmingham, England, showed up for an equestrian contest to show off her prized horse, Thor, other participants quickly realized she wasn’t the animal lover she said she was.

Because Charolotte was careful to hide her tracks, she covered Thor with a blanket. But it didn’t take long for horse experts to realize that Thor was in bad shape – and if he lived with Charlotte much longer, he would probably die…

When Thor’s body was eventually exposed to the crowd, other participants quickly reported Charlotte’s abuse and neglect to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The report came after Charlotte posted a narcissistic selfie of herself with Thor in the background.

The horse was visibly starved. His rib cage protruded from his side.

RSPCA inspector Suzi Smith said: “Thor looked incredibly thin and you could see pretty much every bone in his body.”

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