Police Arrest Mom Of 6 After Seeing How Kids Were Treated – Then They Catch A Glimpse Of…


Six other children aged 10 months to 10 years were found inside the home. Although none of them had any apparent signs of physical abuse, authorities are trying to determine the mental distress cause by living in the home.

  • All eight children were taken into state custody.

Two other individuals, Deandre Dorch and Porucha Phillips, are also facing charges. Phillips, who is pregnant, is the mother of the six uninjured children, and Dorch is the father of some of the children.

In November 2015, Reed moved to San Antonio from California with her children and returned to address a child protective matter.

“Dorch may have threatened those children and their mother after she left the state,” Keith said. “Right now it looks like Dorch and Phillips wanted money from her.”

Both are facing charges of injury to a child by omission. Phillips is in custody.

Dorch was charged on May 6 with child abuse, reports Reuters. He told authorities Reed had used a switch on the children several times, but he did not report the occurrences because “he is not a snitch and he’s not God.”

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