An Open Letter to Single Parents who are Alone on Christmas.

  • You may not have chosen this life—but this life chose you.

Tonight as the tree twinkles in merriment with the expectant giggles and smiles that will surround it tomorrow; I know a part of you is breaking inside.

There is no other day that reminds a single parent just how single they are other than Christmas Eve.

It’s the practice of setting out Santa’s gifts alone, and filling stockings without having someone to share that joy and wonderment with.

And as you fill your stocking with the presents you bought and wrapped for yourself, you realize that those things you need most can’t be bought and won’t be found underneath the tree tomorrow morning.

The thing is that it’s easy to lose ourselves in all that we don’t have on this holiday. There won’t be someone there laughing with us as we set out Santa’s cookies and milk, nor will there be a partner in crime as we spread the ashes around the hearth so that it looks like the man in red made his big appearance.

There won’t be kisses underneath the mistletoe or dancing around the Christmas tree—and most of all, after you finish setting up Christmas morning, there won’t be anyone waiting to snuggle under down comforters for a long winter’s nap.

But, instead of sinking into all that is missing from this day—let’s instead focus on what we do have.

Because right now there are children who are sleeping safe in their beds knowing that tomorrow morning you’re going to greet them with smiles and sweet kisses as you wish them a Merry Christmas with open and loving arms.

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