Old Man Leaves Bus And Puts Bags On The Ground. Cops Realize What Happened, Becomes Hero


When an elderly man got off a public bus in Gainesville, Florida, a police officer noticed that he looked suspicious. Something just wasn’t right about the man. The elderly man stepped out of the bus and then took the steps down to the sidewalk.

Then the man, 74-year-old Saleem Hasan, put a bag down on the ground. Hasan was traveling alone, relying on public transportation for everything. Struggling to handle all the items, he was forced to put some on the sidewalk. Then a strange woman swept in and stole the 74-year-old man’s belongings right from under him. And that’s when things start to get sickening…

By the time Officer Franklin was able to arrive on the scene, the thief was long gone. And Hasan was left up the creek without a paddle.

After the theft was reported, Officer Franklin was dispatched to help the 74-year-old man. But when he arrived at the scene, the officer realized that the woman had stolen the elderly man’s groceries for the entire month. He was sickened that someone could do this to an elder.

Because the aging man was tired from a day of errands, he could not chase down his thief. Instead, he was forced to watch on as she took his food away from him.

The man was also on a limited budget like most people who are retired or older. Whether he was on a pension or social security is unclear, but Hasan didn’t have enough money to buy food again that month.

old man

That’s when Officer Franklin went above and beyond the call of duty. He asked Hasan to come with him. He drove to the nearest Publix grocery store and bought every single thing the crook had stolen from the man.

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