New Mom Wakes Up, Sees Pool Of Blood Next To Her, Quickly Realizes Why


A mother has shared the heartbreaking story of the morning she woke up to find her infant son had died.

Amanda Saucedo woke up in the middle night to the sound of her 30-day-old son, Ben, “fussing” in his crib beside her bed. She picked him up to feed him, but soon drifted off to sleep, holding her baby in her bed.

At around 8 a.m. the next morning, Saucedo woke up and knew something was wrong. She looked down and saw Ben laying lifeless, surrounded by a pool of blood. 

  • She wrote about that morning in The Scientific Parent:

I looked at my sweet Ben, all cuddled up to me as he loved to do. But something wasn’t right. His face was pale and his nostril was stuck halfway down. I sat up and I realized there was a pool of blood next to Ben.

I thought to myself, “No. No. This isn’t happening!” I picked up my little 30-day-old son, laid him on his back, and started to gently shake him saying, “Ben! Ben! Wake up! Wake up, Ben!” It was then that I realized he was not going to wake up. He was already gone.

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