Mom Finds Out Twin Sons Have Down Syndrome, Tries To Put Them Up For Adoption


Julie McConnel remarried, but already had three kids from her previous marriage. She and her new husband, Dan, had a son together, and they wanted to give him a little sister.

The couple quickly learned that you can’t always plan your life out exactly: Julie was pregnant with non-identical twin boys.

“As women get older, our eggs start firing off willy-nilly, so we weren’t too surprised to learn that we were having twins,” she told Caters News.

After the age of 40, a woman’s chances of having a child with Down syndrome increase to 1 in 100. Julie and Dan decided to have all of the necessary tests to determine if their sons would be born with the syndrome… and they found out that the babies would.

Discovering the news early on in her pregnancy would prove to be devastating for the couple. Julie felt that at her age, she couldn’t handle raising two sons with special needs. She decided before they were born that she would put them up for adoption.

Julie McConnel was already a mother of four when she became pregnant with twins at the age of 45.

She knew there could be complications giving birth at her age, but when she learned her unborn sons would have Down syndrome, Julie became apprehensive.

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