Local Streets Now Will Have A Blue Line In Traffic Lanes, What It Means If You See It


Law enforcement officers don’t always get the respect and support that they deserve, especially in today’s world, where police are under intense scrutiny due to past incidents.They often get blamed for things that are out of their control, as a result of them simply doing their jobs.

But, what goes unnoticed is the fact that these folks put their lives on the line every single day, for the safety of the locals. From small towns to major cities, police officers never know what type of danger that they are going to face when they sign on for their daily shift.

Not to mention the countless hours that these folks have to spend away from their families. While residents are enjoying the holidays tucked away safely in their homes with family and friends, police officers everywhere are patrolling and standing guard to ensure that everyone is safe and taken care of. And they have no qualms about doing the job that they signed up to do.

One Massapequa woman by the name of Dawn Kostakis, is trying hard to make sure that the police officers in her town get the respect that they deserve. Kostakis has started a petition recommending that a blue line be painted down the middle of every street, in order show support for the police officers who put their lives on the line every day.

In the petition, she is recommending the highly traveled streets and roads including: Merrick Road, Montauk Highway, Jericho Turnpike and Route 110.

If all goes according to Kostakis’ wishes, the finished line would look like this…

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