Fussy baby crawls into stranger’s lap on Plane then falls asleep, her reaction is shocking everyone.


Traveling with kids is always an adventure. Whether by car, plane or train the inevitable questions of ‘are we there yet’ and innumerable bathroom breaks can drag the trip on for what seems like forever. Luckily, bringing the little one’s along isn’t all bad… but even the best parents need a break now and again.

Evan Hughes was having a seriously tough time with his 8-month-old son after being separated from his wife in Chicago due to bad weather. The duo were forced to take separate flights, and Evan, being a good husband, decided to take their son with him.

It was only his son’s second fight, so the little guy was understandably fussy. All was going surprisingly well when his son decided he just had to meet the stranger sitting next to them on the fight.

Evan tried to keep his little one in check for a few moments until the lady next to him held out her arms and said, “Oh just give him to me!” Evan exhaustedly and gratefully complied with the strangers offer.

Not even a minute after his son started snuggling the stranger, the little guy fell fast asleep. The woman offered to hold his son while if he wanted to take a quick nap, and Evan quickly drifted off to sleep.

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