Disgust Erupts From Thousands After Seeing What The Obamas Used As A Christmas Decoration

While Hillary Clinton didn’t win the presidential election, she will still make her mark in the White House this holiday season, as an official portrait of the Democratic presidential nominee will be on display as part of the holiday decor.

The photo of Clinton will be hung above a decorative table and sandwiched between two festive snowmen.

In addition to Clinton’s portrait there are several other decorations that will be on display, including a tree adorned with gold stars. The tree represents “The Gift of Service,” and it pay tribute to Dr. Jill Biden and first lady Michelle Obama’s “Joining Forces” initiative, which was launched to ensure that military service members and their families are supported at all times.

Beside “The Gift of Service” tree, there are touch screens where guests can use a pen to add a note that will go directly to the troops.

On top of the many decorative trees that can be seen throughout the house, there are 56 gingerbread houses, one representing each territory and state in the U.S.

Even the first dogs have made the list of added holiday decorations. Bo and Sunny, the first family’s pooches, have been recreated with more than 25,000 yarn pom-poms.

So, while we pull out our Christmas decor from the attics, remember to take a peek at the virtual tour offered of the White House. In the video, you will see that there isn’t an empty surface in the White House this holiday season, as everything is tastefully decorated. Detailed wreaths are hung from each of the windows and a manger sits atop a table next to a giant sized nutcracker.

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