I Didn’t Believe It Happened Until He Shared The X-Ray On Facebook For Us To See (Photos)


Over the years, images of snakes eating strange things have appeared across the internet. And they’re usually worth the viral status that they attain. For example, a few weeks ago, several villagers found a snake that was so full, it appeared to have eaten an entire cow or goat.

But when they sliced it open, they saw that it was a mother snake filled to the brim with eggs. There was also a report of a large constrictor snake devouring an antelope whole – and we shared the video footage to prove it.

But this is a first. One western rat snake, that a family used to catch rodents living outside a chicken coop found an interesting item for dinner. Apparently, the Missouri family that uses the snake to catch the vermin, found it on the ground with something strange protruding from its stomach.

It didn’t take them long to realize what it had eaten – but when they learned the truth, they rushed the snake to the animal hospital for emergency surgery. Why? Because the reptile had eaten a doorknob after mistaking it for a chicken egg.

Check out the X-ray images below and learn more about the fate of this unlucky snake!

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