Do you have anxiety? Calm down with this nifty breathing technique. Here’s how

We can experience anxiety in a variety of situations, but for those who experience anxiety to the extreme, having a panic attack can be quite terrifying. In fact, in recent times many have gone so far as to resort to pharmaceuticals in order to maintain control over there day to day activities.

With this shadow of terror looming over your life, a variety of other fears and anxieties begin to roll through your mind such as, “Did I make sure that I didn’t forget my anxiety medication today?”, or “What if I am in a very public situation such as a business meeting when an attack comes on?”.

Well one technique that can help you no matter where you find yourself is a breathing and meditation technique developed by Kundalini yoga practitioners called “alternate nostril breathing”! Completely natural, this simple technique just may give you the freedom from anxiety you have been seeking and alleviate some of those fears!

“A panic attack is a physical reaction disguised as a mental one”

According to an Journal article within Theories in Medicine called, “Panic attacks, and suffocation alarm systems” published by the Columbia University Medical Center (or CUMC for short), “panic attacks result not from fear and anxiety, but from breathing abnormalities”. Dr. Donald Klein, Research psychiatrist at CUMC, proposed a model that said people who experience panic attacks often have “hypersensitive suffocation alarm systems” that trigger the difficulty breathing and anxiety associated with these attacks.

Of course research is always being conducted, but what we can draw from this is that breathing and panic attacks are linked, both scientifically as much research suggests, and anecdotally as a common means of controlling them.


Breathing as practice that you have control over 24/7

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