This Is Why You Should Never Eat At Jimmy John’s Ever Again!


The Jimmy John’s restaurant chain is bad. When I say bad, I mean bad, even for a fast food restaurant.

For one, the company treats its employees like absolute trash. Every employee has to sign a non-compete agreement that prevents them from working at any sandwich store within a three mile radius of a Jimmy John’s.

That’s bad. But it’s not even the worst part.

No, the worst part would be what the company’s owner does with all the money Americans fork over for his unhealthy grub.

You see, it turns out that Jimmy John Liautaud has an affinity for killing endangered animals in Africa.

Full disclosure, what you’re about to see might be disturbing.


As Business Insider reports, Mr. Jimmy John has killed elephants, zebras, leopards, rhinos and other animals – all for no reason other than sport.


Here, you can see the man posing with a gravely endangered black rhino. The license Mr. Jimmy John purchased to kill the beast reportedly cost $350,000.

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