Mom Sticks 10-Month-Old Son’s Hand Into Hot Coffee To Prove A Twisted Point


A cruel mother in Iowa has been accused of sticking her 10-month-old son’s hand into a cup of piping hot coffee to prove it was hot.

According to KCCI, 36-year-old Rebecca Brahier has been charged with willful injury and child endangerment.

Authorities say the twisted mom was arrested on Saturday, after Jennie Edmundson Hospital staff noticed strange injuries on the little boy’s hand and forearm.

After being confronted by police, Brahier reportedly confessed that she got fed up with her son, who wouldn’t stop touching her hot mug of coffee.

Finally, Brahier stuck her infant son’s hand directly into the hot coffee to show him that it was, in fact, very hot.

Police say the coffee burned the baby so badly that he had to be rushed to the hospital immediately.

The baby boy reportedly had to be taken to Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, where he received further treatment.

According to The Washington Times, as of Monday morning, Brahier remains in custody on child endangerment charges.

At this time, authorities have not revealed who is taking care of the little boy while his mother remains behind bars.