Bullies Don’t Realize Their Victim Made Cupcakes They Ate. Quickly Realize What’s In Them


When one tormented girl realized that it was time to get back at the bullies who ruined her childhood, she baked some cupcakes with a laundry list of disgusting ingredients inside.

The 10th grader at Centennial High School in Bakersfield, California allegedly handed out cupcakes to a number of bullies and tormentors that contained pubic hair, semen, feces, expired food, and pills baked into them.

But this female vigilante made sure to only give the disgusting cupcakes to the people had tormented her and made her live unlivable. This was her way of getting revenge on the group of bullies who made her hate herself. This was her way of being a hero.

The 10th grader watched the bullies eat the cupcakes. They took big bites into the semen-filled sweets. And within seconds, their first reaction was one of pure disgust.

Some bullies asked the girl why the sweets didn’t taste good. She told them that she put bodily fluids inside her baked goods.

Because all the cupcakes were destroyed before the authorities could get involved, the health department was called off the investigation. Therefore, no test could be done to truly identify the despicable ingredients inside the disturbing treats.

Despite the girl’s disgusting claims, the Bakersfield Police Department reported that no bodily fluids were found inside the sweets. But how they came to this conclusion remains unclear because the cupcakes were never tested. Perhaps, the police were just trying to look out for the victim of bullying and defend her so she wouldn’t get in too much trouble for her ingenious prank.

The Bakersfield Police Sergeant Joe Grubbs said that the cupcakes were baked with household condiments like mayonnaise, soy sauce, and barbecue sauce to give it the disgusting taste.

The officers ruled it “nothing more than a high school prank” that got wildly out of hand.

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