Baby Orangutan Was Chained Between Two Buildings — And Left There For A Year


 This orangutan had to wait a year for someone to save him. Mingky was only a baby when he was captured on some farmland near an Indonesian forest. His mother was likely killed before he was taken. The man who captured him is thought to have given him to a friend. This man decided the best place for Mingky to live was chained up between two houses.

1aPanut Hadisiswoyo, the founding director of the Orangutan Information Centre (OIC), said that the man wanted an orangutan on his property to entertain family and friends.

2aSo, Mingky stayed tethered that way for nearly a year. He had a chain around his neck and no shelter.

3aThe only thing beneath his feet was a crumbling concrete floor. The width of the space he was living in was only about 2 feet.


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