I’ll Never Just Follow Directions For Boxed Cake Again After Seeing Her Simple Trick [video]


As we move into the colder darker drearier seasons of the year, we start spending more time in the kitchen than at the beach. Nothing seems to make a home feel like it is preparing for the holidays like the smell of baking. But sometimes you just do not have the time to labor over a kitchen stove for hours.

Luckily, we have found the most amazing apple cobbler recipe ever! It only takes three ingredients, a crockpot and a few minutes of prep time. And we are going to share it with you here, now. To make this seasonal crowd pleaser, all you need is two cans of apple pie filling, one box of vanilla cake mix, and one stick of butter. The only kitchen appliance you will need is a crock pot.

To start, open the cans of apple pie filling and place them into the crock pot. Then, open the cake mix and pour it over the top of the filling. Finally, melt the butter and then pour it evenly over the top. Now, simply set the crock pot on high and walk away.

In about four hours, you will taste one of the most delicious apple cobblers you have ever tried. And your friends and family will be blown away. For an added touch of wow, serve the cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

This recipe started us to thinking about some of the other great crockpot recipes we have tried, and we thought we would share another seasonal smash with you here.

Since we are on the subject of desserts, we found this great recipe for another classic fruit dish: Peach cobbler. See easy it is how a can of peaches, and just three other ingredients can effortlessly transform into a the piece de resistance of any summer meal.

To make this awesome dessert you will need a slow cooker, two twenty one ounce cans of peaches, one box of vanilla cake mix, eight ounces unsalted butter (cut into small pieces), a third of a cup of walnuts, and some vanilla ice cream to top.

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