Woman see an expensive ring under her windshield, quickly realizes it’s a dangerous trap


In this Facebook post, Wisconsin occupant Savannah Nguyen (pictured right) warns us about a devious scheme that her mom, Sony (pictured left) narrowly managed to avoid.

After a long day of shopping, Sony headed toward her auto and noticed a large white SUV with tinted windows pulling up to her. The lot was empty except for her, so Sony’s survival impulses kicked in and she sped away. As she drove, she heard a rattling on her windshield.

Luckily, Sony managed to escape before being distracted by this “gift” that was tucked underneath her windshield. It’s a popular scheme for human traffickers: they leave an expensive piece of jewelry on the windshield wiper, and then the hapless and confused driver goes out to retrieve it. Then the criminals kidnap the person before they know what hit them.

Savannah wrote a long note on her Facebook page that advises everyone to stay safe:


“This is exactly how human trafficking and abductions take place. They probably watched her get out of her car and placed it on her window, and waited for her to come back. Who knows what would have happened if my mom had gotten out of her car to see what was under her windshield while she was still in the parking lot. Of course a person would be curious and want to read the writing on the bag, but in the two seconds it takes you to grab the bag from under the windshield to read what is on there, it might already be too late. Bad things can happen in the blink of an eye.

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