Mum who had 16 miscarriages loses baby daughter to meningitis


A mum who overcame 16 marriages to give birth to her daughter lost her in just six hours after she contracted meningitis. 

Fleur Rose Allen was 15 months old when she died earlier this year, just days after she started walking.

Her mum, Lizzie, 32, had given her Calpol and water when she woke up crying with a slight temperature, however, her condition quickly deteriorated and hours later she was dead.

In her only interview since the tragedy in April, Lizzie said she now wants other parents to know how quickly meningitis can become fatal.

‘Fleur-Rose was so healthy,’ she said. ‘She was toddling and laughing the day before she died.


‘At 1pm on the day we lost her, she was sat on her daddy Matt’s knee, grinning away. By 6pm she was taken to the hospital’s resuscitation department. At 11.04pm she was dead.’

The 32-year-old, from Bridgnorth in Shropshire, explained how on the morning of her death, Lizzie woke up with a slight temperature.


‘It was unusual, because normally she would be laughing,’ said Lizzie. ‘She was a cheeky thing. Friendly, giggly and so well-behaved.’

Not long after she was rushed to hospital, drifting in and out of consciousness, with a high fever after suffering a convulsion.

At hospital she perked up and started playing with toys, and despite retching at lunch, she appeared healthy.

She said: ‘I remember saying at teatime, ‘Shall we try her with some food. “She had one mouthful of mashed potato.”

But at that point Lizzie noticed a slight red blotch on Fleur-Rose’s neck, which spread down as she watched.

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