Customers Furiously Boycott Local Bakery When They Spot This Unusual Princess Cake


Marlene Goetzeler got a request from a customer to make a special cake. It was a doll-shaped buttermilk cake where Ken, Barbie’s usual beau, is wearing a pink dress and tiara. Goetzeler didn’t see the big deal, so she made the cake as requested. The bakery she co-owns, Freeport Bakery, typically puts up photos of their elaborate creations on their Facebook page.

However, when Goetzeler posted this photo, she got a firestorm of negativity, and she couldn’t understand why.

“I actually naively just thought it was a really great cake,” Goetzeler told Fox 40. “Now that I see that there’s blowback. It makes me even stand firmer in being able to support people.”

Goetzeler wasn’t trying to make a political statement, she was just trying to please a loyal customer, which is her job as a custom baker.

The fact of the matter is some little boys are more interested in playing with Barbies than Superman action figures, and some little girls are more interested in playing with Iron Man toys than Disney princesses. What’s the big deal?

Many customers began to leave negative comments, “unlike” their page, and say they won’t make purchases there. Fortunately many commenters came to side with Goetzeler and the bakery.

“I don’t get it. What the hell is wrong with this cake that has so many of you pissed off? It’s not your cake. You didn’t pay for it,” one person said.

“I think this cake is fabulous! The ones who have a problem with it wouldn’t be good customers anyway!!” wrote another.

What do you think? Does this cake cross the line? Let us know in the comments.

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