2-Year-Old Boy Becomes Very Ill At Restaurant, Then Family Learns What Was In Hot Dog


A family in Taylor, Michigan, is unhappy with how a restaurant responded after a young boy had an allergic reaction to his food.

Kelly Chapman was eating hot dogs with her son Jack when the incident happened, according to WJBK.

“I’m allergic to eggs, wheat and coconut,” Jack told WJBK afterwards.

Jack is also allergic to milk, and the hot dog he chose contained nonfat dry milk.

Although Kelly mentioned Jack’s allergies, a waitress told her there would be no problem with the hot dog and fries.

“They said everything is fine, hot dogs are safe, french fries are safe – they’re just potatoes and basically vegetable oil, what they cook it in,” Kelly said.

It didn’t take long for this to prove incorrect.

“He started to eat it and barely ate any of it,” Kelly added. “By the end of the meal we were getting ready to get up and pay the check and he just started vomiting.”

Jack’s voice became raspy and within five minutes of getting home he was itching his face and his eyes were puffy.

Jack had suffered an anaphylactic reaction and he only survived because he was given an injection with an EpiPen.

He had to spend five hours in hospital that night.

“It was terrifying, very scary,” Kelly said.

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