She Places 4 Toothpicks In A Potato – I Wish I Knew This Trick Sooner!


Toothpicks aren’t just for keeping food out of your teeth!

These cool tricks show you how toothpicks can be used in your kitchen to make tasty treats or even give little legs to a potato spud.


Strawberry Topiary

This adorable fruit topiary makes a great centerpiece for a baby shower, birthdays, afternoon “high tea” or for any get together with friends!


Keep Produce Fresh

Keep cucumbers and lemons fresh longer by “capping” them with the ends that you would normally toss in the trash.


Potato Legs

While this looks kind of cute, you might wonder what is the point of making a little stand for your spud. Well, the real secret is not in how it looks, but how it functions. By creating some space underneath the potato, it will cook evenly in the microwave!


Soften Butter

Cold sticks of butter never soften quickly enough when you want a piece of buttered toast! You can use the toothpick tripod method to soften a pat of butter without completely melting it.


Make Pancake Hors d’Oeuvres

Make mini pancake appetizers for the kids during Sunday brunch!


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