Viral Photo Of Atlanta Teacher Sparks Heated Debate (Photos)

A photo of a fourth-grade teacher in Atlanta has gone viral, sparking a heated debate about whether or not her dress is appropriate for school.

Patrice “Tricey” Brown has been deemed #teacherbae on social media after a photo of her in a peach dress went viral, ATTN: reported.teacher-cloth

The Atlanta teacher’s photo had mixed reactions. Some social media users have called her “the sexiest teacher in America,” while others scrutinized her choice of attire, deeming it “inappropriate” for school.

In response to a question posted on Twitter, asking users if the teacher was dressed appropriately for school, the reaction was split down the middle.

“Only if she teaches pole dancing,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Absolutely inappropriately This is a place of business not a date, come on now!!!!” wrote another.

“Lets be real…the outfits were chosen to show off her curves and you have to be a fool to think she’s not aware,” wrote another user.cute-teachr

Others thought there was nothing wrong with the teacher’s dress, and argued that the teacher was being shamed for having curves.

“Any of these outfits on a thin lady with no breasts or a** would not be considered inappropriate,” wrote one Twitter user.

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