Marine Takes One Look At His Wife’s Sonogram And Knows This Photo Will Be National News


All proud parents to be anticipate ultrasound day. It’s great to get a sneak peek at your future bundle of joy and receive a glimpse of what’s to come.

One couple in Georgia went to their doctor for a twelve week ultrasound appointment, and got a shocking picture of their unborn child. What they saw on the screen will surprise you. You have to check out this amazing video. You won’t be able to stop talking about it.

When Georgia couple Mehgan Merriott and Robert Cooper arrived at their doctor’s office for Mehgan’s twelve week ultrasound, they were excited to see their unborn baby for the very first time. As the Meghan, Robert, and the doctor watched the baby on the screen, something happened that they couldn’t believe.

Robert Cooper, a former marine, felt his heart melt as he watched his baby raise its hand to its eyebrow and salute its father.

ABC News reported on the sweet and unexpected event.

“While they were doing the sonogram the baby was actually sleeping on its side and they tried several times to get him/her to wake up to take the picture that they needed to take,” Merriott said. “The baby didn’t want to wake up, then threw [its] hand in the air and then threw it back down.”

“I almost cried,” she added. “I thought it was sweet.”

Merriott said everyone who saw the baby salute “thought it was pretty crazy at first.”

Merriott said her obstetrician, Dr. Daniel Eikleberry, and his nurses enjoyed the moment as did her 3-year-old son, Cambden.

“The doctors, nurses, my son was there … he looked up at the screen and started laughing,” she said.

Mehgan and Robert have not yet announced the sex of their baby, and plan to do so at a reveal party later this month.

Cooper said he “really enjoyed getting to see the little guy/girl and look forward to meeting him/her.”

“I’m sure it’s going to be a handful,” he added.

ABC reported further that the baby’s paternal grandmother will be displaying the photo in her home as her own “salute” to Robert and his grandfather, who served in the U.S. Army.

You can watch this amazing and adorable moment in this couple’s lives for yourself in this video by Fox News.

Inside Edition posted the video to YouTube last week, and it has already received over thirty six thousand likes. While the heartwarming tale is a story of coincidence, that doesn’t make it any less moving. Commenters agree.

keighly whapham said, “I know it’s a coincidence, but I still like to think that it’s not.”

Uriel Garcia added, “come on we all know it was just a coincidence. a really nice and cute coincidence.”

But some commenters found the story to be too preposterous to enjoy.

Emmanuel Vencesbarrueta replied, “I’m a veteran and this is so dumb to me.”

Cody Horton suggested, “But this happens all the time, just because the father is in the military doesn’t mean it’s anymore special.”

What is your take on this video? Do you find it sweet and endearing, or too overplayed? SHARE your thoughts, opinions, and comments with us below.