Nurse Working Late Shift At Hospital Discovers Unexpected Note Attached To Domino’s Pizza (Photo)


A Texas nurse is outraged after finding a rude note attached to his pizza order from Domino’s.

The nurse, who has not been named, ordered a pizza from Domino’s a few minutes before the store closed at midnight, CBS 11 reported April 1. He was working the night shift at Paris Regional Medical Center in Paris, Texas, at the time.

When the pizza arrived, the nurse found a handwritten note attached to it that read: “Thanks! We would appreciate it VERY much if you didn’t wait until 5 minutes before we close.”

“It was the rudest thing I’ve ever seen,” Kerry Miller, a friend of the nurse, told CBS 11.

“I don’t care if they called one minute ’til, the business is still open,” Miller continued. “Service your customers.”

Miller, who posted a picture of the insensitive note on social media, said that nurses had to work to save lives every day no matter the time.

“How would you feel if you wrote something like that and then the next day you were laying there?” he said. 

Although none of the employees at the Domino’s Pizza store in Paris were willing to comment to CBS 11, TIm Mcintyre, a company spokesperson, sent a statement.

“We do not condone or encourage this kind of behavior or one-sided ‘[dialog]’ with customers.” 

Miller said he is not satisfied with the pizza chain’s response. 

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