Test Meant For 7-Year-Olds Is Stumping Most Adults. Find Out If You Guessed Correctly.

The Parents Against Primary Testing group is a place for parents to express their concerns and share advice regarding the effect that Primary Testing is having on their children and their education.

Several parents believe that the testing isn’t for every child and it doesn’t offer any proof of their intelligence level. Several students freeze up when they are under the pressure of completing a standardized test, especially those that are timed.

The result of a poor test score follows them through the school life and could impact their futures, yet it doesn’t necessarily prove knowledge and intelligence.

Children who’s brains tend to be more focused on creativity, rather than math, tend to be the one’s who suffer the most, as their ways of figuring out problems and piecing together sentences and equations, are completely different.

Every student is different and should be taught based upon their hands-on learning experiences, which is why several school are starting to adapt a small group learning approach to teaching.

Instead of giving the same test to 25 students and expecting the same results, teachers now are seeing the benefits in breaking the classroom up and grouping students who share similar learning styles.

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