Cruel Students Bully Their Elderly Bus Monitor Until She Cries — Then Get What They Deserve


In June 2012, four seventh-graders from Greece Athena Middle School in New York filmed themselves verbally assaulting their bus monitor.

The victim, a widow named 68-year-old Karen Klein who worked for the school district for 23 years, calls the experience “one of the worst acts of human behavior that I have ever had to endure.”

Videos of the incident were uploaded to YouTube and Facebook. In them, the male students can be heard taunting Karen, calling her names like “fat-a**” and saying her family “all killed themselves, because they didn’t want to be near you.” The heartbreaking reality was that Karen’s husband passed away and her son committed suicide 10 years prior to the bullying incident.

The students go on to mock Karen’s appearance, age and clothing, and even touch and threaten her while she breaks down in tears. It’s horrifying to watch.

But the videos sparked outrage around the world, and viewers sought justice for Karen. One of those viewers was a stranger in Toronto who had been bullied as a child — and what he did for Karen will shock you to the core…


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