Husband Dies Suddenly, Leaving Wife With 8 Kids. Then She Remembers He Was Acting Strange In Bed


Two years later, Cloe was pregnant with Oliver, and their first daughter, Megan, arrived shortly after. They were thrilled about having their first girl.


After Megan’s birth, Cloe says James “would wink at me and smile and say, ‘Just one more, Clo.’”

Soon after, Miley arrived. But Cloe was born with cerebral palsy and required special care, and so Cloe and James decided their family was complete.

Cloe was fitted with a contraception implant to prevent any further pregnancies.


But as fate would have it, Cloe’s implant failed. She was unexpectedly pregnant once again.

“James said it was meant to be for us to have more babies,” she says.

Lacey and Lexi were born, also with cerebral palsy.


In 2015, the couple discovered they were pregnant again!

James, just like with all of the other pregnancies, was ecstatic. Every time he saw Cloe’s growing baby bump, he would light up.

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