Husband Dies Suddenly, Leaving Wife With 8 Kids. Then She Remembers He Was Acting Strange In Bed


James Green always wanted to be a dad to a large brood. So when he and Cloe discovered they were expecting their first child, he could not have been more excited. And after the birth of their second child, the couple from Great Britain knew they wanted a big family. They just didn’t realize at the time how big it would actually get.

Each time Cloe started to think another baby was out of the question, James would wink at her, smile and say, “Just one more Clo.’

James was born to be a father. While Cloe was a full-time mother, James worked his job remotely so he could be there for his children while providing for them. He brought the kids to school, work at a coffee shop, pick the kids up from school and spend the evenings playing with them until bedtime. He was active, energetic, loving and seemingly healthy.

When their fifth child was born with cerebral palsy, James and Cloe decided to stop adding to their family. Cloe went to the doctor and was fitted with a contraceptive implant.

But lo and behold, the device failed. Cloe got pregnant unexpectedly, and James said it was meant to be.

Cloe and James went on to have a total of eight children, after which they agreed that their family was finally complete.

On December 4, 2015 — just 12 weeks after welcoming their last baby — life changed in an instant.

Cloe woke up in bed and realized James wasn’t breathing.


Cloe and James were young and in love. While women tend to be the more baby-minded gender in a committed relationship, James was always the one who talked and dreamt about having kids — and lots of them. He was a big guy with a heart of gold, and lots of love to give.

When Cloe Green was just 17 years old, she and James had their first child, a son named Leo. It came as quite a shock, but the couple from Great Britain quickly realized they made great parents.

After the birth of their second son, Levi, Cloe and James were sure that they wanted a big, happy family.

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