Hobby Lobby Shopper Snaps Photo Of Pregnant Stranger’s Touching T-Shirt


For every new parent, having a baby is a joyful and beautiful thing.

Still, even though every newborn is a blessing, that joy can sometimes arrive tempered with the grief of a previous loss.

For lots of couples, the decision to start a family isn’t as easy as simply conceiving a bundle of joy. Many struggle with infertility and repeated rounds of treatments. After that, a signifcant proportion still deal with the tragedies of miscarriage and stillbirth before they are able to bring a little one into the world.

In fact, these bittersweet circumstances are so common that there’s even a name for it; “rainbow babies” are newborns that arrive after a previous baby has been miscarried.

It used to be a silent tragedy that many parents didn’t talk about, but lately, more and more moms and dads have become vocal about sharing their losses, and creating a special community around families that have experienced a loss, and a very special gain.

In fact, this community is getting more powerful every day, as proven by a beautiful photo that started spreading around the internet after two rainbow moms had a chance meeting.

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Facebook / Courtney Mixon
Facebook / Courtney Mixon

It all started when Courtney Mixon met Autumn Safley at her local Hobby Lobby.

Mixon noticed that Safley was wearing a plain black T-shirt with a very unique decoration.

The bottom of Safley’s top was decorated with a rainbow heart, and the words “You’re looking at a rainbow!”

In The Moment Photography for Etsy/ DivazByDesign
In The Moment Photography for Etsy/ DivazByDesign

As it turned out, the beautiful rainbow pattern almost served as a code word between the two women, who had never met before.

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