Man Who Killed His Baby By Slamming Her Against Concrete Has Finally Been Sentenced


An Indiana man has received a sixty five year sentence for the brutal slaying of a five week old baby.

Twenty two year old Dalton Davis will spend the next sixty five years behind bars after being convicted in the September 19, 2015 slaying of his girlfriend’s newborn daughter.

Early in the day of September 19, 2015, Dalton Davis of Jay County Indiana had a serious argument with his girlfriend, Courtney Lloyd. The argument dragged on for hours, until Lloyd extricated herself from the situation. She locked herself in a room and took a nap.

According to his confession, it was then that he went into the bedroom of five week old Lillian Grace Lloyd, and picked her up out of her crib. He then took the infant out into the yard, grabbed her by her ankles and struck her head against the pavement several times.

Davis further admits to taking the child’s lifeless body back into the house and placing her back in her crib, so that Courtney Lloyd would find her later.

Upon discovering her daughter, Lloyd immediately called 911. The infant was rushed to Bluffton Regional Medical Center, where she was later pronounced dead.

According to the autopsy report, the child died of blunt force trauma and described, “a large amount of bruising” across her chest, back and head accompanied by a skull fracture.”

cute child

In Lloyd’s statement to the police, she said that she had fallen asleep in the living room and Lillian was in a small bassinet next to her, also asleep.

When she awoke, the baby was no longer in the bassinet, and when Lloyd looked for her, she found her daughter in a cradle in the bedroom, with Davis asleep on the bed next to her.

When she found baby Lillian to be unresponsive she immediately called 911.

Dalton Davis was arrested and charged with murder two days later. Although he was initially evasive to the police, he eventually confessed, providing them with the details of the “Barbaric” murder.

Jay County Sheriff’s Captain, Patrick Wells, wrote in the official report that Davis, “took [the child] by the legs and forcefully struck her body on the concrete two or three times, with her back and head striking the ground.”

Because of his confession, he was able to successfully avoid a maximum sentence of life without parole, although his demeanor in the courtroom was chilling.

At the sentencing, which Davis refused to attend in person, opting instead to appear via closed circuit television, Circuit Court Judge commented “I’ve never seen anything as senseless or barbaric as this,” before handing down the punishment. He then asked Davis “Is there anything you wish to say?”

Dalton Davis replied coldly and simply “No.”

According to Jay County Prosecutor Wes Schemenhaur, Dalton’s sentence was the maximum allowable by law because of his confession. He also expected that Davis would wind up serving at least eighty five percent of his sixty five year sentence.

Is this punishment enough for such a brutal murder? Does the fact that the victim was a newborn make it even more heinous? Please share your thoughts with us here.