The Sloth Institute Takes Care Of Baby Sloths

Two words: baby sloths.

Now that I have your attention, if you haven’t heard of the The Sloth Institute, well, you’ve come to the right place. The amazing organization located in Costa Rica has made it their mission to take care of and inform others about the well-being of sloths. We all know that sloths are absolutely adorable, but for many, that is the extent of our knowledge. Releasing rescued sloths back into the wild is a slow process. All of the sloths that are in the institute’s care will be released back into their natural habit.

Here’s some more information about the organization and, as promised, photos of baby sloths. 

The Sloth Institute in Costa Rica is probably the cutest thing you will see all day. 

The name basically says it all… it’s an institute full of adorable sloths. The organization also seeks to raise awareness and education around sloths to enhance their welfare and conservation.

via The Sloth Institute Costa Rica
via The Sloth Institute Costa Rica

The sloth institute has a three-part mission. 

The first is to research captive and wild sloths. The institute clearly points out that they are not a sloth sanctuary. Before you get your hopes up, the sloths are not available to be seen by the public. 

At least we can still enjoy the cute photos on their website.

via Facebook / The Sloth Institute Costa Rica
via Facebook / The Sloth Institute Costa Rica

The second mission is to collaborate with other institutes that work with sloths around the world. 

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