Bride Has Her Wedding Gown Cut Into 17 ‘Angel Gowns’ For Babies Lost Too Soon


For most women, a wedding dress is something that is worn just once, and then held onto as a memento for years to come.

In some cases, the dress may eventually be repurposed and worn again by the next generation, or even the next 10 generations, as we saw in one notable case, but it’s still often returned to a protective box after the big day is over.

That may be part of the reason that many women are now turning to an alternative option that gives their wedding dresses a heartwarming new purpose once the ceremony is over. Instead of storing the gowns in boxes for years to come, some women are donating their gowns to services that produce “angel gowns.”

Angel gowns are very tiny outfits, not unlike baptismal gowns, that are designed to give comfort and dignity to families who have lost their littlest ones far too soon. To learn more about these incredible gowns and the heartbreaking stories behind them, scroll through the gallery below.

Facebook/ Quilting
Facebook/ Quilting

Recently, a young woman named Justi Bates took to Facebook to share a beautiful message in the popular group Quilting. Bates posted a picture of a tiny white frock with lace up the front, on top of a box that appears to contain even more similar garments.

  • She goes on to explain that is it one of 17 angel gowns, saying:

“Today, I received my wedding gown back. I sent it off earlier this year to be made into angel gowns for babies that don’t make it home from the hospital, and I’ll be donating them to the NICU at Vanderbilt. 17 little gowns were made from my dress, and as beautiful as they are, I pray they are never needed.”

Facebook/ Angel Gowns Australia Inc.
Facebook/ Angel Gowns Australia Inc.

Angel gowns are special gowns designed for a tragic and moving purpose: for burying newborns.

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