15 Retro School Supplies That Will Bring You Right Back To Childhood


Going back to school after a relaxing summer vacation was always kind of a bummer. It meant no more sleeping in, no more lazy days spent outside, and no more running around doing whatever you wanted. But it was also an exciting time. You’d get to see your friends again and start a whole new year.

And it also meant school supplies. Even if school wasn’t your favorite thing in the world, there was something so satisfying about new school supplies. They were all so crisp and neat, and you could arrange them carefully in your desk.

As the years have gone by, though, school supplies, as well as school in general, have changed. Today, kids’ supplies are more tech-oriented, and because of the way technology has changed so rapidly, many of the supplies that you might have had have fallen by the wayside.

  • But that doesn’t mean they’re not remembered fondly. In the list below, we’ve collected some old-fashioned school supplies that you might remember using, but that might baffle your kids!

Take a stroll down memory lane, and let us know which of these you remember the most fondly, and which you’re glad you don’t have to deal with anymore.supplies

When it came to getting new school supplies, you might remember getting a list sent home with everything you’d need for the coming year.

You might have carried your supplies, as well as your books, in a satchel like this, with everything tucked in snugly.camera

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