Dad Installs A New Cat Door – But Just Wait Until You See What The Cat Does With It


Philo Cat has outsmarted Dad once again. Dad spend time to install a new cat door so his cat could come and go as he pleases.

What cat wouldn’t love that freedom? But Philo wants to show he has higher powers and makes a move that has everyone bursting into laughter. He quietly walks up and with a quick assessment stands up to open the door just as a human might do so.

You can’t help but laugh out loud imagining how proud Dad is of his new project and excited to show his love and care to his faithful pet, then only to get the painful reality that pets, and it seems especially cats, will have a mind of their own and do as they please.

No doubt, though, Dad’s hard work won’t go to total waste. Once the door is locked, there is strong evidence this very smart cat will quickly figure out and be thankful he has a thoughtful owner.

For now, what a funny situation giving us all a little chuckle making our day a little brighter.