School Humiliates Teen For Wearing This Lace Dress To A High School Dance


15-year-old Gabi Finlayson couldn’t wait to wear her new dress to the upcoming high school dance. She even went so far as to have the dress altered so it would not be deemed inappropriate by the school’s strict standards.

The pink lace garment met the female dress code. The straps were at least two inches wide, and her cleavage was covered up.

But the moment Gabi and her date walked through the doors of the event at Lone Peak High School in Utah, she was immediately embarrassed by a school representative. Gabi was humiliated when she was told to “cover up” and return to her car. For the rest of the evening, Gabi had to wear a bulky winter coat over her dress.

The disappointed student spoke out, with the support of her enraged mother, claiming the school sent a bad message to male and female students.

  • Scroll down to see the dress in question, and let us know what you think…teenage

15-year-old Gabi Finlayson was thrilled when she found the perfect dress for her upcoming high school dance.

  • She bought the dress on a family vacation in Paris, so it held a particularly special meaning.

    Norman Parkinson / Telegraph
    Norman Parkinson / Telegraph

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