We Asked Thousands Of People And So Far No One Could Find Dog. Can You?

8. From 1993 – 1998 the Where’s Waldo single panel comic strip appeared in over 100 newspapers in America.

9. In 2009, a group of Waldo enthusiasts stage a real life recreation of Where’s Waldo in downtown Chicago.

10. While not distributed in the U.S., kids in the U.K, Australia, Malta, New Zealand and South Africa could read about geography and later history with a monthly subscription to Wally’s World and Wally’s History of the World respectively. Sadly, the magazine went under in 1999.

11. Life cereal featured collectable trading cards and exclusive Waldo scenes on the back of their cereal boxes during several promotional campaigns in the 1990s.

12. In 1991, DiC ran a 13 episode season of Where’s Waldo which was subsequently translated for the international market with Waldo’s name again changing according to region.


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