She Crochets Over A Strand Of LED Lights. Seems Odd, But By The End? The Result Is Too Cool!

It’s not every day you see a literal piece of artwork translated into a popular craft project. Interdisciplinary designer Johanna Hyrkäs created her “Light Carpet” design over a decade ago, but it wasn’t until a young student named Carmen Jorissen discovered the unusual piece on Pinterest that it went from “frequently shared image” to “doable craft project.”

The best part about this project is that it’s actually simple enough that a total beginner can make their way through it, while more advanced crocheters can add their own flourishes and variations.

The concept is straightforward: add an LED light rope to a spiral-crocheted rug. When working out her own version that has inspired so many others to take this on, Carmen decided to keep things basic. Using only a magic ring, single chains, and single crochets, it’s about as easy as a circular crochet project gets.

She decided on these simple loops to allow the rope light to be more visible. We think it was a pretty good idea!

You can check out Carmen’s tutorial on her blog and also view some more cool projects people have created using her pattern on Ravelry. You’ll need to register but it’s free, easy, and has tons of great ideas for yarn lovers. It’s like the Facebook of yarn, basically.

This is the original image that launched a thousand crochet projects!litghting

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