You’ll Never Believe How The Bottom Of A Stapler Is ACTUALLY Meant To Be Used!

Stationery fans prepare to have your mind blown!

You’ve probably been using staplers your whole life. Throughout school, college, or university let’s be honest you would have been nowhere without these bad boys. They were LITERALLY the staples of my whole academic career.

But did you know that there is a 79% chance that you have been using them wrong? When I was told about this I couldn’t believe that I had never seen this before.

  • You see the silver panel at the bottom of the stapler?

Well, turns out that this thing can be rotated to give you small or large staples depending on what you’re stapling. Pretty neat, huh? Still confused? Head on over to the next page to see how it’s done in real time.

  • This neat trick is about to switch up your whole organisation game.
  • I am pretty geeky when it comes to stuff like this.


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