She Keeps Pennies in a Bag Filled with Water on Her Back Porch for the ENTIRE Summer! Good To Know!

Hanging a bag filled with this in your backyard is crucial for the summer season!

Summer is filled with warm nights, barbecues filled with yummy food, and lots of pool time (hopefully).

However, there’s one more part of summer that isn’t as fun, and everyone tries to avoid it!

The culprit? FLIES! Luckily, there’s a super simple trick everyone can use to keep the flies out of the backyard and away from the food all summer long!

“One thing everybody hates are those stupid flies that fly around your face and land on your food,” an Instructables user wrote on their post about the trick.

“You can buy expensive bug zappers but why when you could take the safe and humane approach? Just by taking five minutes, you will have a fly free BBQ.”

The coolest part about this trick is you probably already have everything you need to make it!

To make the fly preventing bag, gather plastic sandwich bags, lime juice, a few pennies, and salt.


  • Start by putting about two and a half cups of water into a bowl.
  • Then, add in the salt and the lime juice.
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