Mom Leaves Baby On Ground, But Who Leans In Will Make Your Mouth Fall Open


A horse rocking a baby has French-speaking people on Facebook going gaga. The horse makes an appearance in a video posted by Equidia – La Chaîne du Cheval, an organization focused on horses and horse racing. The video has a caption that when translated says, “[VIDEO OF THE DAY] Need a babysitter tonight? The mare of our fan, Tracy Lega, offers its services. Thank you to her for this video;) #tropcute.”

In the video, a baby is in a carrier on the floor of a stable. The horse sticks its head out over its stall and down to the carrier, where it uses its face to rock the carrier back and forth. So far, the video has received more than 1 million views on Facebook.  Commenters on the popular video overwhelmingly think it is cute. One commenter jokingly said she wanted to take the horse up on its babysitting services. 

Other commenters such as Arlette Weerts said people shouldn’t be surprised that horses are so friendly to kids.

“I had a horse who was biting and shooting everything that came too close to him, but when my 3-Year-old girl was coming towards him he went right from the bottom of her box, bent over and he was cozying up to the head! Later, in 6-7 years, my daughter is sleeping in the box in the legs of his mare.”