If Your Son Wears Swimming Shorts Like THIS, You Need To Check Them IMMEDIATELY. Here’s Why!

As the weather hots up this boy’s mother posted a timely warning about the dangers of wearing swim shorts with mesh in.

You’ve probably all seen these kind of shorts with the white netting inside. Now one mom is warning this netting can be more dangerous than it looks, as she tells the terrifying story of how her son, Jack, got his penis ‘strangled’ inside it, to the point where he nearly lost it all together.

It happened when the family were on holiday in Spain, but when she took her son to the shower to remove his swim shorts she noticed that his penis was caught in the netting and ‘literally strangling it’.

No mother should have to see their children in pain.swimming shorts

“He was screaming a scream I hadn’t heard before,” she wrote. As Jack wailed in pain, Laura raced her little boy to the medical centre at the hotel where she was staying, only to learn they were unable to help her.

“I carried him to reception and asked for some scissors,” the 33-year-old weight loss club consultant told The Mirror. But neither she nor the hotel staff were able to free the distressed little boy’s penis. “There were two little bubbles, like skin, on either side,” she said. “Like it was going to burst.”

sick baby

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