When This New Mom Posted Picture Of Her Baby, But People Were Outraged!


Be cautious of what you post on the Internet. By sending a photo or comment into cyberspace, you’re setting yourself up to be critiqued by viewers.

What you thought was an innocent photo highlighting your triumphs can quickly be slammed by thousands of viewers who think something is wrong with your picture.

Australian model and fitness guru, Chontel Duncan, learned this lesson the hard way. Duncan is heavily involved on her social media accounts and regularly posts selfies before and after a workout or as she goes about her daily life.

Her more recent post received huge backlash from followers who were appalled by how she was handling her newborn baby, Jeremiah, in the photo.

The picture shows Duncan posing in the mirror with her phone in her left hand and her 13-week-old son in her right arm.

His neck was cocked back slightly and when women saw the photo they were outraged. Some of the commentators accused Duncan of being an ill-fit parent and slammed her for concentrating more on her physical appearance than properly caring for her child.

mom and baby

The model immediately responded to critics and explained that one picture didn’t reveal the entire story.

She posted a second photo taken right after the first, which showed her son resting peacefully on her chest.

The moment that she took the first photo, Jeremiah had lifted his head slightly, which is completely normal for a baby to do, but then nuzzled closely to his mother for the remainder of the shoot.

This isn’t the first time Duncan is receiving backlash from her social media followers. Just a few weeks ago, a picture of her pregnant belly went viral.

Duncan has received some criticism for exercising while pregnant, though doctors state that this is generally perfectly safe. The backlash is actually what inspired her to continue to post photos of her pregnancy.

pregnant woman


In an interview with Today Parents, Duncan said, “Once it became clear to me (through my social media posts) how foreign

it was to see a pregnancy performed like mine, it did get me thinking, ‘Maybe I should continue to document my pregnancy because it seems that we are misled to believe that we are more fragile than we really are.’”

It’s important to remember to gather all of the facts before jumping to conclusions. To claim that Duncan doesn’t know how to care for her child, based on one image, is preposterous and completely unwarranted.


mom and newborn baby

Of course there will always be disagreements about how to properly raise children, but it doesn’t mean that a parent should be criticized for not meeting another’s standards.

After this experience, we’re sure that Duncan will be checking her photos carefully before she posts them online.

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