These Boys Form A Straight Line – Their Next Move Made Everyone’s Jaw Drop To The Floor


Just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day! This group of festive Irishmen and women gather at Dublin International Airport to surprise everyone with an awesome flash mob dance routine!

Without any warning, the group of 60 of the world’s leading Irish Dancers, from 11 different countries, formed two lines and met together on the first floor. Their exciting jig turned the heads of the hundreds of people hustling in and out of the airport terminal!

The Irish Dance is thought to originate all the way back in the twelfth century when Norman traditions began to make their way over to Ireland – including “The Carol,” a popular dance where the leader sings and a circle of dancers surround him and sing along with him!

As the centuries passed, the dance became more fine-tuned and the stepping became sharper, but the call-and-response technique is still found within the dance moves today. Soon many of the people across Ireland took part in the fun jig and the best of the best joined groups like the one you see here!

Watch Video Below:

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