They Thought This Dog Was Grieving For Her Owner- Until They Saw What Was Underneath Her


Across species, mother’s make infinite sacrifices in order to provide for their loved ones, especially when it comes to their children.

Whether that means going without so that the kids have enough of something, or going above and beyond to provide, giving children the basic necessities like food, water, and shelter, is a struggle that every parent faces.

This goes beyond human nature, though, as we see with this homeless mama pup as she finds an ingenuity way to provide a makeshift shelter for her puppies.

The photo of this dog burrowed underneath a dirt patch beside a grave marker in Serbia originally went viral over a year ago as a heartwarming story about a canine companion grieving for her owner post mortem.


While similar stories of the grief of a pet losing their owner do exist across the internet, this particular case is actually an entirely act of loyalty and devotion.

dogDigging out this dirt crevice was actually a necessity for survival, as this gorgeous dog created the hole in the ground as shelter for her and her newborn pups,

as she was homeless and did not have an owner to care for her in this situation. The location beside a grave marker happened to just be pure coincidence.

dog and her babies

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